About Us

About Us

Our Story

Hi, I’m Leoni Neff, owner of Neff’s Creations.

I’ve always wanted to start my own business. Although I never knew which type of business I’d start. I knew I didn’t want to just start a business for the money but I wanted to do something that would bring joy and pleasure to other people.

Which is where the vision of a printing business came into being. 

The challenge is that I didn’t have the resources to get started. Fortunately for me my dad shared the same vision and so we partnered up to get started.

When my dad fell ill I took over 100% responsibility of the business. 

After my dad passed away I felt the need to honour him and to make him proud I was going to make his dream and my dream a reality. 

By the grace of God and support from my dad I’ve pushed through the challenges and difficult times to get to where I am today.

I know this will be a further success because my intention is to serve my clients at the highest level and I love what I do!

The biggest reward for me is having a happy client at the end of every transaction. 

We specialise in personalised, custom printed items. What ever you need we have got you covered.

From as small as a keyring to custom decal stickers for your vehicle or home.

Our Process

What to expect.



Request a quote here. Include your design or detailed description of what you want.

50% Deposit

If you are satisfied with the quote then we do request a 50% deposit. Send POP.

We Print

We then print your item. You may supply T-shirts. We supply ceramic items.


Balance of the 50% needed before we courier or you collect your printed goods.

We have your printing needs covered


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